Washing Ektorp Sofas and Finding the Missing Cover

Something happened a few weeks ago while we were in Texas that thrilled me to no end.

We found the missing Ektorp slipcover.


Remember our front-room sofa saga? We had one from Ikea (Kivik) and then for reasons told here we sold it and got the one we originally wanted and should have gotten, the Ektorp. Well, we bought the Ektorp sofa sleeper off Craigslist and saved a nice wad of cash.

However, it came with this red, corduroy slipcover that I was not crazy about. I wanted white, clean, bleach-able.


Then a few months ago I knew we would be driving by the Ikea in Frisco, Texas, so I looked to see if they had the slipcover we needed.

They discontinued the Ektorp sleeper sofa. Done. I don’t get it- this is one of the most popular sofas at Ikea and it’s all over the blogosphere. Well, sure enough they didn’t have it in stock. I scoured the internet and found ones for sale for over $200 in the UK or made-to-order ones for even more in the US. All for a cover that used to cost less than $50.

Well the Ikea elves were with us when we went to the Round Rock, Texas, Ikea 4th of July weekend after visiting some friends. And lo and behold, there was ONE white slipcover left. In the ‘As is’ section. Translation: it was 50% off the normal price. $25. We snagged it right away and I lept for joy (on the inside). Our front room would finally be complete.


That long story brings me to the true content of this post. The Ektorp covers.

Truth be told, we haven’t used the sofas that much since we have had them since that room held the contents of our kitchen during the renovation (which ended up taking months before we moved it all back in). But we have used them a good amount since and I love them. We keep using them more and more and find ourselves in there because they are so comfy and the room is so bright.

I love them in this room. I love the comfiness. I LOVE the chaise. I love the white. I love the shape.

And a few weeks ago, I washed the covers for the first time. Mostly it took me that long because I was dreading it.

You know what? It wasn’t that bad. Like, at all. I knew I would be home for the afternoon and it took very little work. And it made a HUGE difference.

At some point our black lab got on them and they were covered in black dog hair.

IMG_1166 IMG_1168

She also loves to rub on them.

IMG_1170 IMG_1169

Here’s what I did to get them clean.

wash ikea

I stripped all the covers off and sorted into top cushions, bottom cushions, and base covers.

IMG_1174 IMG_1175

Then I put one load in the wash at a time on cold with bleach and our detergent.


As soon as they were done I threw them into the dryer on low heat and dried them until they were about 85% dry. This makes it easier to put them back on because they have a little give.

Then you put the covers back on, which is not difficult.


Not counting wait time I would say this took less than an hour. Seriously. And they look amazing. Bright white!


We have been using this room more because it looks awesome and has no tv (read: less distractions).

I sure won’t shy away from washing these bad boys again. And yes, I would absolutely buy these white sofas again, because you can wash them.

So what do you think of our white sofa covers? Are you a white slipcover fan too?

Also this was my 200th post! Hooray! :) Love sharing our home and business with y’all!

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