Coral Passion End Table

I’m typically not a person who hops on the trends. I’m a classic kind of girl and like pieces that are going to stand the test of time.

However, I am thankful for the trends that we see in colors. Recent popular colors like mint, emerald green, and coral have made me realize how wonderful these colors are. They may not have been colors that I would’ve reached for in the past, but people have made them look pretty amazing recently and I love the way they look in the home, in clothing, and on furniture.

I picked up his pinky coral color recently from Lowe’s (Coral Passion by Olympic) and couldn’t wait to try it on a cute end table. I love this midcentury end table because it’s got great clean lines but still has some dimension with amazing hardware.

photo (3)

I mixed up my chalk paint recipe and did two coats of paint on the piece after fixing it up.

IMG_1362 IMG_1364
I distressed well around the edges of the drawers and around the handles, where normal wear would occur. This piece had gorgeous wood but was chipped in a lot of areas. It was one of those bittersweet times where I wish the wood was in better condition and it could be preserved, but I love the color that stands out from the coral.

I finished this piece with poly-acrylic, more so just because I was already using it on the pure white sofa table. I kept the hardware as-is because it was in great shape with awesome patina.


IMG_1389 IMG_1382
It kinda makes me wish that we had a little girl, or even a little niece, to put it in her bedroom as a nightstand. Just as well, one of my good friends bought it for her guest room after it was in the booth just 2 days, so I get to visit it all the time!


What do you think of the coral? Are you a fan of trendy colors?

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