DIY Branch Candle Holders

You know how I’m always talking about bringing the outside in? Rustic? Natural? All those amazing words that make my husband laugh because I combine them with completely different words like shabby and vintage and farmhouse and industrial and chic?

But together they make a really awesome look by combining unexpected elements.

branch pm

This time, we literally brought the outside in.

I saw these branch candle holder on Pinterest months ago and had to have them.

We have trees. Branches. It can’t be that hard. 

So I got the hubby on board and we picked up the 1.5″ wood boring drill bit we needed to fit the tea lights.

We used fallen limbs from our own yard and let them sit in the garage for a few months to dry out and get rid of any bugs or anything in them.

He cut the branches (I wish we had birch like the inspiration!) so they would stand up steadily and then used a drill (an electric one worked best since it has more power as opposed to a battery-powered one) to bore the holes.

IMG_1217Then I popped in tea lights (the ones from Ikea didn’t fit, but the ones from Hobby Lobby do) and we were done.


Pretty simple and pretty awesome. I grouped several together on our console table to- you guessed it- bring a rustic and natural look to our dining room.

IMG_1412 IMG_1417 IMG_1416 IMG_1422

I am still working on the hubby to cut down some bigger branches for other uses I have in mind. I’ll let you know if I convince him. ;)

What do you think of our candle holders?


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