Bathroom Reno Plans

Do you remember the children’s book, “if you give a mouse a cookie…”?

Front Cover
You know, it starts small and snowballs from there…

The title of this post should be If you let Hayley buy a shower curtain…
And it snowballed from there.

Our conversation went something like this…
Me: “I’m going to buy a new shower curtain. I also want to paint the vanity and cabinet over the toilet white. But then the floor will look even more dingy (it’s discolored and scratched vinyl). I wish we could re-do the flooring…”
The hubs: “Let’s do it!”
Me: “Ok! But then the tile on the walls will look funny since it’s a different shape and grout color. I would love to tear it out and do wainscoting.”
The hubs: “Wain-what?”
I explain…
The hubs: “Let’s do it!”
Me: “Ok! Well since we are ripping out the tile we might want a new vanity too.”
The hubs: “Sounds good!”

No lie.
Fortunately I have an incredible husband who is jazzed to work on our home and take on new challenges!
And tiling the backsplash in our kitchen gave us confidence for this bathroom overhaul.
So the next day we went from this….


To this…

photo 2 (2)
I finalized my plans and we are hard at work.
Here are my inspirations…
Octagon with dot tile with dark grey grout…

Hexagon tile at by marcia
White board and batten wainscoting 2/3 up the wall…

How to install Board and Batten
An open-concept vanity with butcher block top. We have a small storage closet in the bathroom so don’t need more concealed storage. I am waffling between a color for the vanity.

how to build a butcher block vanity

And open shelving above the toilet and a white shower curtain…

I still need to pick a paint color for above the wainscoting, which I know is surprising.

We want to get this done pretty quickly so hopefully I will have lots to show you soon! To keep up follow me on Instagram!


One thought on “Bathroom Reno Plans

  1. Sounds like great ideas but please dont stress over getting it done soon! Its better to do it in peace and quality than rush for a silly guest :)

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