How to Stay Sane During Renovation

Maybe you aren’t like us.
In fact, you may be thankful you aren’t.
You see, right now our house is a bit of a disaster.
We are simultaneously completely overhauling the guest bathroom and painting the dining room/kitchen.
Read: there is stuff (almost) everywhere.
All the dining room furniture is in the middle of the room.


There are paint cans all over the laundry room.

IMG_1487Our office and guest room are littered with various supplies to work on the guest bath.
It can make a person crazy. Yes, even a person like me that loves home reno.
Especially because I have recently been on a cleaning kick where I want our home to be simply picked up at all times.
Then this happens.
Well fortunately last week I read this great blog post by the ever- inspiring Nester.

She talked about how having one room in your home that is a sanctuary can save your sanity when you are renovating (or doing a photo shoot in her case).
One room that you keep clean.


So I’ve been making sure our master bedroom is that sanctuary. We have been making our bed every morning. Picking up our clothes. Keeping our nightstands and bathroom neat. And I even dust and vacuum in there regularly.

IMG_1504Because when you open the door, you see this.

IMG_1483Our bedroom keeps us sane and not hate the life of renovation.

It helps us make it through the mess and hard work when we walk into a clean, neat room and just be. And then crash into bed.

It’s easier to walk through a home littered with the makings of a bathroom when you know there is a place to retreat.

Do you have any other tips for surviving a home renovation without going crazy?


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