How to Make a Room Cozy and Complete

Recently I shared with you that we found the missing piece to our front living room. After rejoicing over the final white slipcover, I realized that while the furniture is now complete, the walls were pretty bare.

IMG_1325 IMG_1326

Sure we had curtains and blinds and the pretty waterlogue prints.


But in general the room lacked dimension and character. Lots of white without those touches of home make a room feel stark.

So I set out to truly finish this room. I wanted it to feel comfortable and inviting.

When doing a massive amount of cleaning a few weekends ago I unearthed some great additions to the room. Things that break up the white and grey and bring character.

A small lumbar pillow for the chair and our chicken-wire frame


This adorable wood and metal end table, task lamp, and vintage jar with dominoes round out the style to this corner.
IMG_1554 IMG_1556

I also found this cool French-inspired iron scrollwork…


And this little tripod table is brightened up by this faux plant from Ikea…


Since there is no overhead lighting I made sure we have lights in each corner. And lots of end tables to put a drink on…. (I still need one more small one!)


And you know what? I have been using that chaise to read or take a nap when the power went out the other day or claim it during home group.

Because this room is no longer the-room-that-is-almost-done-except-for-that-darn-red-sofa and it’s also not the-room-with-all-the-white-furniture. It’s the front living room. And it’s homey and comfy… and complete.


What do you think of it? What do you do to make rooms in your home complete?


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