Second Blog-iversary

My second blog-iversary passed recently and it got me reflecting on this past year in my blog-life.

A lot has changed. We have lived in this home for over a year, the longest we have lived in one residence since we have been married. And really, the longest I have lived in a residence since I was 20 (18 for my husband).

The point being, his house has definitely become home. And we have been fortunate to get to do a lot of great work to it! As I type this a plumber is finishing up our guest bathroom! I already have more ideas for thrifty ways to make our house look even better and I certainly have more furniture to paint.

Here are the top posts from the last year as determined by my readers:

Ikea Desk Tutorial...

ikea desk pm

Bathroom Reno Part 2


and How to Wash Throw Pillows.


A pretty good mix of what this blog is about: furniture, home reno, and ways to improve your home.

My favorite projects from the past year have been, in no particular order…

Our current guest bathroom makeover- tiling and board and batten

board and batten pic bathroom tile

New couches for the front living room


Making our own upholstered headboard

headboard tutorial

Completely changing the look of this hutch

duck egg hutch

And this adorable end table.


Of course, the biggest and most exciting change this year was opening an All Things New Interiors booth at a local vendor boutique, BrickCity Emporium. Things are going very well and we are having a blast shopping for it!

photo 3 (2)

Thanks to my amazing readers for coming back. I love this blog and hope it can be a place that inspires you to transform your home into what you love. I continue to learn that making your home beautiful doesn’t have to take a lot of money or a degree in decorating. It just takes some boldness!


2 thoughts on “Second Blog-iversary

  1. You are an inspiration especially knowing you do all this plus working full time and being involved with your church! I love your ideas, energy and attitude that encourages all of us to be a better keeper of our homes! Love you!

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