Kitchen and Dining Room Paint

After painting the kitchen cabinets and the trim in the kitchen and dining room, I was finally ready to pick a paint color.


I have been leaning toward greys lately in our home because they are a great neutral and I just am in love. But with a very black and white kitchen, I wanted more color. At first I even considered going dark and moody with a deep teal or coral and balancing it out by adding a simple wainscoting below the chair rail in white.

photo (7)

But the grey I painted our dining room last fall was feeling too dark. There are huge windows in the dining room but there are also huge trees right outside so there is not a lot of natural light that makes its way inside. So I wanted a color that wasn’t grey that would also brighten up the room.


I was reading HGTV magazine (OMG my fave magazine) one day and there was an article that asked designers their favorite paint colors for various aspects of your home. Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper (LOVE that show) chose a color called Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams for a serene master bedroom.

photo (5)

I thought the color was so pretty- light and airy, a barely-there type of color with green, blue, and, you guessed it, grey.

So I tried to match a color to that one and eventually chose Shimmer by Behr. But Ace was having a big sale (this was back on Memorial Day) for buy one get one free on their Clark and Kensington paint and primer in one. So I got it matched there and also picked a color for our exterior shutters!

photo (8)

I finally got around to painting the kitchen and dining room a few weeks ago and I LOVE the color.

photo (6)

This is the step that can be either really good or really scary. The contrast between the two paint colors can be really telling. In this case, I was happy because I could tell I made a good choice in choosing such a lighter paint color.


I did two coats and used almost a whole gallon which was more than I expected. But there is SO MUCH cutting in because of huge windows, chair rail, and lots of trim.


I especially love the kitchen since it had never been painted and finally feels complete.


For months there was an area in the back right corner that was a mess since we removed the laminate backsplash and did a lot of patching. It finally looks clean and new.


Creepy dog. :)

The color feels really cohesive with the living room since the mint in there on the fireplace is very similar but more saturated.


Let me just say it one more time- I love the paint color. It make an incredible difference! What do you think of the paint color? Have you painted a room lately?

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