Coffee Table In Our Living Room

I did something quite bold recently.

I put a coffee table in our living room.


That’s a benefit of having a ton of furniture in your garage. You can just go for it and see what happens.

And it worked.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram saw how I was using a very accurate method to measure our living room for a coffee table.


Throw pillows.

Since we moved into our house over a year ago I have wanted a coffee table but didn’t know what to do about it.

Our living room presented some complicating factors: our furniture has to be pushed against the walls, which leaves a large open space in the middle, which is also a walkway.


I thought the only coffee table that would work would be a HUGE one that could be reached from both the sofa and loveseat. Most normal sized-coffee tables would seem so small to scale and like they are just floating in the middle.

I dreamed about this one.

driftwood herringbone table5

But y’all. It would be huge. And cost about $200 to make. Which I realize is not that much. But it would be enormous to be reached by both the sofa and loveseat and so block the walkway.

So then I thought about just having a coffee table on the main side of the room. Not floating in the middle, but grounded next to the sofa.


The hubs carried one in from our garage, and bam. It worked. The room was transformed.


It feels more cozy and comfortable. Plus, it is! We have a place to prop up our feet and put snacks.

Since this table will be staying, I need to give it a makeover.


I love the wood pattern on top but it is pretty scratched so I want to strip and re-stain a less-red color. Then I am thinking about painting the legs/base white and give it some good distressing. This gives you a good general idea…


My hope is that 1 year from now this room will look completely different with new flooring and sofas so I am going for a look with the coffee table that will go with our future plans.


In the mean time, this room looks tons better and is more functional!

What do you think of our coffee table? Have you had coffee table issues like us before?


4 thoughts on “Coffee Table In Our Living Room

  1. I would not have my sofas against the wall. And, consider a coffee table that has storage or can act as extra seating when lots of people come.

    • Great ideas! Unfortunately there is no way to not have the sofas against the walls- there’s just not enough room. I also considered other options but we are fortunate to have a large fireplace with seating already around the perimeter. I like how open this table is. But I reserve the right to change my mind as the room evolves! :)

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