Bringing Balance to a Room

Not that long ago I wrote a post about how to make a room feel complete. I wrote it about our front living room, which had been in the works for about a year.


Well little did I know that the room really wasn’t complete.

I have been wanting to bring our bookshelf from the office out into the house as a place to show off our books and get it out of a room that we just don’t use.


The only place there was room for it was in the front living room.

I planned to paint it white to brighten it up.

But as soon as the hubs moved it in place, I knew it would stay black.


This room is very white and bright and airy which is definitely what I wanted and love.


But the black brings some depth.


I played around with trying to balance out the height on the right side of the sofa and ended up raising the legs on the tripod lamp. This helps the left end to not feel so weighty with the chaise and dark bookshelf. And since the lampshades are pretty similar, it feels cohesive and balanced.


I only selected some of our books to it wouldn’t look as cluttered and packed. I grouped them generally by color and mixed in some décor pieces as well. This helps it feel fun and clutter-free.


We are both in love with the bookshelf here. I am thinking about covering the back in some pretty paper or painting it to not make it seem so dark and hide that seam.

But for now, I am glad that we brought a dark accent piece into my bright sanctuary of a living room. Sometimes all you need to to complete a space is inspiration from unexpected places.

Do you have a room or a project that you haven’t quite finished? What piece would make it complete?


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