Fall Decor: Simplified

Fall is in the air in Arkansas and I am in love. Our home has been decorated for a few weeks now but with the official autumn solstice this week I feel I can finally share how I decorated for fall this year.

I am here today to wage war on the over-seasonally decorated.

To declare the small but mighty strength of the power of editing. The power of simplicity.


The power of a few carefully chosen items that change, but don’t overwhelm, a room.


A room that suggests a season, but doesn’t SCREAM it in your face.


Like this white ceramic pumpkin.


Or these fun decoupaged pumpkins….



Or acorns…


Or popcorn kernels…


Or pinecones.


I am all about using natural elements and simple things to decorate. What reminds you more of fall than candy corn?


I made this fun leaf art with simple items and I will share the tutorial soon! I love the colored leaves- my favorite part of fall.


Sure, the colors of fall are not as overwhelming as those of other holidays, but simplicity still reigns in our home.

After I finished decorating for fall this year, I was very pleased. I liked the simple touches. And I realized that I need to mimic this in a few months, because my Christmas décor needs some editing. :)


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