Sometimes life doesn’t hand you lemons, but you pick them up on the way home.

You know, you feel down on yourself and like you just can’t do this.

Whiny. Pitiful. Dramatic.

Have you ever felt that way?

I have lately. All confused and feeling lost.

Wondering what to do with this creative side of my life. Was opening the booth a mistake? Will it only last 6 months? Why isn’t my furniture selling? How come I can’t be a pro blogger? Blah. Blah. Blah.

And then I had a revelation last week. A piphany (thank you, Barney Stinson).

That where I am right now is ok.

And really, it’s more than ok, it’s great. I have time to pursue my passion like never before. I’m jumping now because later it will be harder. And if I fall flat on my face 6 months from now, the ride will have been fun. Right?

I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I should. I’ve been focusing on the day-to-day success instead of the big picture.

I have allowed myself to get so down if I don’t meet my own expectations on a daily basis- if items don’t sell or stats don’t rise. When in reality, the big picture is looking great.

Yesterday, I was handed a glass of lemonade.


Four days after I resigned myself to being a blogger that would never “make it” because I’m just not good enough, this lovely hutch was featured on Thrifty Décor Chick’s site (read it here). This beautiful hutch with a not-so-great picture. But she saw past the poor lighting to see the product.

Lemonade. Sweet lemonade. A wonderful sip of encouragement at a time when I really needed it. At a time when I was ok with not achieving a dream. At a time to make me not give up on that same dream.

A gulp of enthusiasm to improve my passion and not hate on myself and instead enjoy the ride, however long it is.

And hand others lemonade along the way.


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