New Paint Color: Pike Avenue

That’s right! This lovely grey, Pike Avenue, is the second color in our new chalk paint line!

pike avenue2

Are you in love? I am.

Last week I announced that we were officially launching our own chalk paint line (read more here) and later that day I introduced the first color, Morning Haze (read more here).

morning haze2

But back to the new color, Pike Avenue. I am a big fan of the perfect grey. Even more so of the perfect greige (grey-beige, or warm grey).

It can be difficult to find a grey that is not too purple or blue or green or beige. The wrong tone can make the room feel cold.

So I worked hard to find a warm grey that was just that.

My demo dresser for this color is the match to the Graphite dresser I painted here.


This paint went on sooo smooth and I almost covered in 1 coat. I had to do two coats in a few places but it covered so well!


I lightly distressed with a sanding sponge and then waxed all over with the SC Johnson wax.


I added new hardware because it was missing a few and I borrowed some for the Graphite dresser. I chose these white knobs in two sizes/styles to go well with the details on the top drawers. I didn’t want to take them off so decided varying the hardware would make this look ok.


It headed into the booth and it’s a show-stopper!


I named this color Pike Avenue because it is (part of) the street we live on and you will find warm greys like this color all over our home.

This color is available NOW to purchase at the All Things New Interiors booth at BrickCity Emporium!

What do you think of the color? Do you have a piece you can’t wait to try it on?

This dresser is available for purchase for $295

Linked up to Miss Mustard Seed and Liz Marie Blog


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