Girlie Painted Changing Table

The move from Texas to Arkansas was definitely bittersweet. I knew I would miss friends, family, Mexican food, and the proximity to big cities like Austin.
But I also knew we would truly get an opportunity to make some great friends. My husband took a job at a church where home groups are pivotal and we couldn’t wait to jump in. We prayed that the group we would lead would flourish and we would make the friends we had been missing for so long.
Our prayers were answered.
Above and beyond.
Our home group family has been meeting for over a year now and we adore it. It’s my favorite day of the week because I get to spend a few fabulous hours with some of my closest friends.
We pray. We drink coffee. We laugh. A lot.
So when one of the couples in our group announced they were expecting an addition to their family, I immediately hoped I could paint a piece for the nursery. I kept my mouth shut, hoping to myself in case they had big plans of their own.
Well a few months ago she asked if I had any dressers they could use as a changing table for their baby girl’s nursery. In fact, I said, I have the perfect one.

I showed it to her and she gasped and said it truly was perfect.
This week I finished it.

merrit dresser
I stripped, sanded, and stained the top in Special Walnut by MinWax, sealing with Polyurethane.

IMG_2273 IMG_2275
Then I painted the body in DIY chalk paint, Rose Buff by Valspar (mixed in Behr). I lightly sanded all over and sealed it with Trewax (a new wax I’m trying that I LOVE).


IMG_2332 IMG_2336
IMG_2333 IMG_2330 IMG_2311
I love the stained top because it is such a beautiful contrast to the pink. Plus it will wear better over time.

What do you think of this dresser?

I love that this piece can work in her room for so long since it is not a traditional changing table. What a great piece that can transition over time!

We had a big beautiful shower this week and I can’t wait to show you all the lovely details!

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4 thoughts on “Girlie Painted Changing Table

  1. Beautifully precious for a new baby girl. And you’re right, she will be able to use it for years…and pass it down to her daughters and granddaughters! I started using the Trewax a couple of years ago and I’ve never found another wax that can beat it, including the very expensive brands. You did a great job.

    A question?. Do you have a tutorial on making the wreath from sheet music that is featured in your photo? I love it!

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