New Paint Color: Skyline

Ready for another new paint color?


Skyline is the newest All Things New Interiors Chalk Paint color. It’s a deep charcoal, almost black.

I love the depth a deep color like this adds to a piece. The velvety finish just makes it look so sophisticated. I wasn’t a fan of black paint on furniture until recently. Now, I adore it.

I trialed this color on a set of end tables and coffee table….


The wood was in decent condition and so I decided to strip, sand, and re-stain the tops.


I used Special Walnut by MinWax and sealed the top with wipe-on Polyurethane.

IMG_2185Then I was ready to paint!


Because it is such a deep color, I did one full coat and then diluted the second to go on faster and minimize the amount of paint used. I lightly distressed with a damp sponge and then sealed the whole piece with wipe-on Polyurethane. I chose this as a finish because the color is so dark and it deepened it even more. I wouldn’t use the Poly over a light color because it can yellow.

I love the finished product.

IMG_2293 IMG_2299 IMG_2282

IMG_2289 IMG_2285

I love the contrast of the stained top and the dark paint. A painted top would have looked great as well but be so dark. The stained top feels cohesive with the character of the bin pull drawer handles.


What do you think of Skyline, our newest paint color? I love how classic and chic it is. There is still one end table available for $75 and the matching coffee table for $125 available at BrickCity Emporium!

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