Why You Should Jump

I have by no means made it big.

I’m just a blogger writing from the south.

I have a modest boutique booth in a large town (in Arkansas).

I have a day job- that I love- but that is not even close to interior design.

Our home is a work in progress that I am gaga for and yet not really a dream home.


I decided to jump just over two years ago. I was a California transport living in Texas and a newly married nurse and graduate student. I liked garage sales and getting good deals and using old pieces making our home look nice.

I wanted to grow in that area. I had started following a few bloggers like Sarah (aka Thrifty Decor Chick) and Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) and loved all the FREE information and inspiration that is out there in the blogosphere. I loved getting an inside look into their homes and how they decorate and do it all on a budget.

I wanted to do that. I wanted to improve our home and inspire others. I wanted to hone my creative ability and design eye.

So in August 2012 I started a blog that was at first about some crafts and things I love like my dogs and cows.

Shortly thereafter I wanted a creative outlet during the madness of graduate nursing school. I saw what Miss Mustard Seed was doing transforming furniture and wanted to do that.

I took a leap and a little money and bought chalk paint and two pieces of furniture and went for it. Eventually they sold, and I was hooked.

Store Store

That led to changing the blog to where I am now, All Things New Interiors.


Before we knew it we were delivering furniture all over the Austin area.

It came to a screeching halt when we took the next leap and moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas about a year and a half ago.

I painted a little more furniture that summer of 2013 but struggled with the new (slower) market. I thought my days of painting and selling furniture were over, and I was sad.

In May of this year we decided to jump in again. We were at a much better place financially that could support investing in some furniture again.

But right away we realized again that it would be hard to sell like we did in Austin.

And so we took the ultimate leap I had wanted for almost two years- a space of my own.

I signed a 6 month lease at BrickCity Emporium here in Fort Smith and prepared to bring All Things New Interiors out of the digital world and into the light.


For everyone to see.

Until then I had shown my products and home only through photos and words. I could edit and select what people saw.

But now my pieces would be on display for all to see. To touch. To buy.

photo 3 (2)

And that was scary. I was scared nobody would buy anything. That people would snicker as they walked by.

I was afraid to fail.

But not jumping meant something even bigger- not giving myself the chance to succeed.

I chose to jump because it was something I was excited about. Something I wanted to try. Something I wanted to improve in.

I am so happy to have jumped. I am feeding a passion I never knew I had four years ago.

So why should you jump? Why should you press “publish,” sign that lease, pick up that paintbrush, or plug in that glue gun?

Because you want to.

Because the chance to pursue a dream or feed a passion is a risk worth taking.

Not everyone has a passion for DIY or improving your home or painting. But you may have an untapped passion for something. Something that can bring you joy and can be used to help others.

I love when friends, acquaintances, or even strangers ask my opinion about how to paint a piece of furniture, pick a paint color, or add life to their home. I love that my house feels like a home in part because of the things in it and how they represent us.

I loved that in the past year projects I have done and blogs I have written have been featured several times on other blogs.

I love that I had an untapped gift of hospitality that is now being utilized to welcome others into our home and providing opportunities for friendship, prayer, and discipleship.

How much of that would not exist if I would not have jumped? If I would have taken the safer route?

So if you are thinking about pursing a dream, go for it. No matter how ridiculous it may seem or how ill-qualified you may feel. You never know where it will take you.



2 thoughts on “Why You Should Jump

  1. Thank you for this post!
    I started my business about 8 months ago. I learn something new everyday and love what I do. It has been hard to take leaps not knowing what might happen. Reading posts like this really help me get over my fear of putting faith into something that I believe in.

    Thank you again,

    Lovely Rubbish

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