New Paint Color: Pacific

In case you didn’t know, I grew up in California. I spent many of my childhood days on the beach.

I spent many of my teenage days driving along the beach and walking next to it gabbing with friends.

The ocean makes me feel like home.

So when I was dreaming up a blue for our chalk paint line, I knew I wanted it to be deep and saturated like the ocean.

 So here it is. Aptly named Pacific.

I started with this cute end table. It had pretty wood but icky green paint on the top surfaces.


So I sanded down the edges a bit and then did two coats of Pacific.


I opted to sand with a sanding block for this one so that I had more control over how much paint came off. Sometimes with wet-distressing a lot of paint can come off really easily. And since I had not gotten  all  the green paint off I didn’t want to distress too heavily. I sealed with Trewax, put on the original hardware, and love how adorable it is!

IMG_2439 IMG_2447 IMG_2446

What do you think of the new color, Pacific?

The end table is available at BrickCity Emporium for $75.


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