How to Make a Rustic Holiday Sign

Hey there! How is your holiday decorating going? I have a simple project to share with you today. Seriously. You would not believe how easy it is to make something that looks so good.

holiday sign

Adorable, right?

Ok so here are the deets.


– Pallet boards or wood and supplies to secure together

– White paint (I used our Picket Fence Chalk Paint)

– Red paint (I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk)

– Large paintbrush

– Artist’s brush

– Print of words of your choice (Update: I didn’t originally include the font choice and I’m not sure this is the exact one I used, but it’s very close. Try the “Rebel Bones” font download from this site:

– Graphite paper (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for just a few bucks) and pen

– Bow

– Hot glue gun

First, assemble your sign. For one we used a few pallet boards, for the other we used scrap wood. Make sure it’s smooth and free from dust.


Dry-brush on your white paint. This means you don’t dunk the brush, but just get the tips of the brush. This allows you to get the brushy, worn look.


After the paint dries, arrange your letters.


Slip your graphite paper underneath and trace the edge of the letter with the tip of a pen, or bobby pin.


You are left with an outline of the letter!


Fill in the letters with paint!


Add your bow to the top with hot glue and that’s it!




What do you think of my rustic holiday signs? Fun, right? Make sure to Pin it for later use!

holiday sign


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