Holiday Burlap Trees

I’ve been very excited to work on great holiday crafts this year.
In past years I have done crafts for the holidays but they have not been as good as this year. Because this year, I have a great excuse: the booth.
I get to go to garage sales and buy random things and turn them into incredible pieces. I love it. And then I get to sell them. Or think about selling them. :)
Recently I found these foam cones with tree branches stuck in them. Yes- stuck in them. They were not originally made this way.
I knew right away I wanted to make these trees:

burlap tree


Fun, right?!

I gathered my supplies:

IMG_2462 Foam cones (with stand of some kind)
Glue gun
Pot or container (mine are from Ikea)
Floral foam for them to stand in

I started by cutting my burlap into long strips about 3-4″ wide.

I folded them over and glued the raw edges together.

Then I snipped about every inch or so all along the strip.

Using my glue gun I wrapped the snipped strips around the foam cone one layer at a time, starting from the bottom. Then I would snip off and secure the end.

I started with the next layer above just enough so the looped edge would cover the raw edges.
Up and up I went until I was almost to the top. For the top I glued a scrap over the tip and wrapped a piece of the looped burlap around the top.

To steady it in my pot I used a piece of floral foam from the Dollar Tree wedged into the pot, and simply stuck the branch in.
To cover the foam I used contrasting burlap tucked on top in a messy, but intentional, way.


I love how they turned out!

IMG_2607 IMG_2623IMG_2583


These darlings are great, easy, and cheap projects for your home for the holidays! They are great because they bring height and texture which are essential in vignettes so they don’t feel stale.

IMG_2564 IMG_2623
What do you think of these trees? I love the contrast of the nubby burlap and shiny pot. :) Are you decorating for the holidays or making any crafts?

Make sure to Pin so you can make your own!

burlap tree


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