DIY Christmas Cloche

We live in a place where we could actually have snow on Christmas.
We have had snow once this year so far, and it didn’t even stick. I’m not complaining, because I know that as winter progresses we will get more significant snow.
But this year we are spending the holidays in California with my family. Hollaaaa!!
So because we haven’t had much snow and we will be spending Christmas in mild weather by the beach, I needed to bring the snow to us.
Enter adorable cloches.

diy cloche

Here’s how I made them.

First I gathered my supplies:

IMG_2459– Various sized jars or glass covers
– Plates (for the larger covers) or small terra cotta trays (from Hobby Lobby in the floral department)
– Spray paint
– Bottle brush trees (green ones from HL, white from Dollar Tree)
– Epsom salts (or other faux snow)
– Glue gun
– Mod Podge and small artist brush
– Silicone adhesive

I started by arranging them all with the trays and trees that would fit.

IMG_2456 Then I spray painted the terra cotta trays using gold spray paint. Light coats!
Start assembly by hot gluing the tree to the center of the plate or tray.

Brush Mod Podge around the tree base on the tray and sprinkle Epsom salts on it.


Run the silicone glue along the edge of the glass and press firmly in place. Let dry overnight.


So cute!!

I love how dainty the trees are and look vintage!
These are perfect as part of a vignette:

IMG_2615I love how they make small items look more significant and special.

You change up this project by using other things under the glass like a model deer, bird, snowman, or pine cone. There are so many options for this simple and inexpensive project!

diy cloche
What do you think of these cuties? What holiday crafts have you been doing?


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