Top 3 Tips for Decorating Your Home for Christmas- Simply

You may have finished decorating your home for the holidays, but for those of you just starting to prepare your home for guests, here are my top three tips for decorating your home for Christmas, simply.

3 holiday decor tips

1. Make your holiday decor cohesive with your typical decor style. If you like muted colors, don’t feel like everything has to be bright.


My home is mostly grey and white so I incorporated that into our holiday decor.

Keep your year-round decor out and add to it or make simple switches. This makes your home feel more like yours.

IMG_2555The window and chalkboard are always up on our mantel, but I dressed them up for Christmas with a few simple changes.

2. Use what you have. If you are like me and are trying to tone down the traditional holiday look of lots of red and green, you look around your house for new ways to decorate. Your china cabinet is a great place to start.


Pretty plates, tureens, vases, and pitchers filled with ornaments, greenery, or pinecones are beautiful and simple.

IMG_2583Ornaments are cheap and you can find them in all sizes which makes them a perfect decorating accessory to your serving pieces!

3. Edit. I am going to tell you a secret.

This year when we got out our Christmas tubs, we donated a small pile of holiday decor. Things we didn’t love didn’t stay.


Be okay with toning it back this year and just putting out what you love.


If you are just trying to fill space- donate instead. It’s better to have more minimalist decor than something you don’t love.

And you know what? Our holiday decor is more simplistic than in years past, but I love it. I love that it feels like my home, just with some Christmas spirit. I’m done buying into the myth that everything has to be red and green and over-done.

How has your holiday decorating gone? Are you taking a more simple approach this year?


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