Entryway Decor: Kitchenware and Cloches

You already got a sneak peek of our entryway decor from my before and after of our console table here.


I wanted to show you more for two reasons: kitchenware and cloches.

I committed to spend minimal money on holiday decor this year, and yet have the best looking home yet. I succeeded by using what I have.

I am fortunate to have lots of pretty kitchenware on hand that is waiting for a turn in the booth. I grabbed this gorgeous milk glass platter to display pretty red ornaments.

IMG_2720 IMG_2721 IMG_2722

This red pitcher used to be our utensil crock in the kitchen, but this year I used it to hold my tiny tinsel tree.


Using pretty kitchenware like this is a great and easy way to stretch your holiday, or everyday, decorating. Pieces like this are perfect garage sale finds and can be so utilitarian.

I also employed the use of three cloches on the entryway table.


I love how a cloche makes such a simple item as a pine cone look pretty. Placing pine cones around would not have the same effect. But putting one under a cloche makes it look special.


I finished off the look with a wreath and bunting on the mirror to draw the holiday cheer up.


That’s my burlap bunting (see tutorial here) I made a few years ago! Still love it.


I love how our holiday entryway turned out and it especially looks great on our newly-painted table!

What do you think of our entry way decor? Are you a fan of using cloches and kitchenware in your decorating?


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