2014 Home Goals Revisited

Back in January I made a list of the goals I wanted to accomplish in our home in 2014.

home-goals rvI looked at it recently and laughed.
Almost none of it is done! Since we are currently vacationing in California until after the new year, this list is as complete as it will be.
Here is how I did:

1. Paint the kitchen (see here)


2. Paint trim in dining and main living rooms (see here)


3. Paint doors (I tried this and didn’t even blog about it because they didn’t turn out well)

4. Spray paint door knobs (again, tried and didn’t get a good result)

5. Paint the hallway

6. Coffee table for main living room (see here)


7. Hang curtains in front living room and guest room (see here)

IMG_03408. Bamboo blinds for master bedroom

9. Learn how to not kill plants (I tried here and failed)

To our benefit, we added some pretty significant projects to the list this year- big kitchen makeover (see posts here, here, here, and here) and an almost total guest bathroom redo (see the progress here and here).

IMG_1711Then there’s the fact that I opened a retail space this year complete with a chalk paint line that has kept both of us busy.

photo 3 (2)So home things have not been priority número uno around here (besides decorating for the holidays of course).

Painting furniture and focusing on my retail space is such a joy. I feel like when I harvest creativity there I curate better in our home as well. The business, holidays, and vacationing leave the 2014 list less than halfway completed. And I can honestly say that I am okay with that because this year has practically forced me to learn the beauty of patiently transforming my home.

This year has been much about trial and error. While I completed 4 of 9 goals, I attempted another 3 and was met with poor outcomes (poor plants). Others I just ran out of time or money or re-prioritized.

I have been thoughtfully writing the 2015 Home Goals and hopefully it will be more realistic. Some of the goals will carry over from 2014. Some will be new and exciting. Some will be new things to learn, or improve in. Some will be pie-in-the-sky dreams. And some are a long time coming.

But I do know that I love my home and the inspiration it brings me. Thanks for being along for the ride!


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