Our New Hutch and Staging a Mid Century Piece

I posted a phone pic of our new hutch recently, and wanted to finally give y’all a better look!


We happened upon this beauty at a small estate sale in town. There was virtually no other furniture left but this piece. I drew in a breath when I saw it and looked at my husband. He looked back, and smiled.

We approached to see that it is in good condition (some scratches) and solid wood. It was made in 1961 and so is truly a mid century modern piece. She is considered mid century American due to the feet (aka ferrules or sabots) and the fact that she was made in Oregon.

We left the sale telling the seller we would consider and potentially be back. Before even reaching the car we agreed that this piece would come home with us later that day. I said I wanted it to stay in our home. It is rare that we find mid century pieces for a good price, and I did not want this lovely one to leave.

I fell in love with the simple lines and rich wood.


I knew this piece would look great in our dining room and help to round out our taste. I still love our green hutch, but decided to love this one more. Our green hutch needed to be painted if it was staying since the color is so close to the color I painted our dining room. Not only would that have been quite a task, but a shame since the paint still looks great. It is time for it to find a new home.


Later that day this new hutch did  come home with us and I immediately set it up and got to staging. This beauty will not be painted, the wood is just too beautiful.

A mid century look begs for simplicity. I Pinned a few “mid century modern hutch” photos on Pinterest and found that many were sparsely decorated and when they were it was with mid century pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they look great but it is not my style. I am working on the art of blending genres of decor. I want to incorporate what I love in a way that is beautiful and seamless.


If you know my home, you know I love milk glass and silver. So that’s what I filled it with.


Our china is white dishes with gold and silver embossing on the rims. Perfectly simple, elegant, and timeless. I added my favorite vases and pitchers, as well as a few booth-finds that have hung around.

IMG_2702 IMG_2703

I love how it turned out. I love that I got to use all my favorite pieces and honor the simplicity and clean lines of the hutch while still paying tribute to my own style.

Milk glass and silver are far cries from traditional mid century style. But the simplicity of the pieces and the balance of the white and silver give this mid century hutch a fresh look that evokes charm.


What do you think of our new hutch? What do you think of the styling? Do you mix décor genres? Or do you stick with one?

Linked up to Miss Mustard Seed


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