2015 Home Goals

We are back in Arkansas and settled back in! I was even successful at convincing the hubs to stop at Ikea on the drive back. True love.

I am excited for what 2015 is going to bring in our home. Many of the projects we are planning have been long-anticipated and I cannot wait to get going on.

So without further ado, here is the 2015 Home Goals List:

2015 home goals

1. New floorsIMG_1832

The big one. We have a significant amount of carpet in our house, and it is in pretty sorry shape. Later this spring we will be replacing all the flooring in the house with pretty hardwood-looking laminate. I cannot wait!

2. Paint exterior shutters.


I bought paint for our exterior shutters last May. It is time for them to be transformed with (you guessed it) grey paint.
3. Paint front door.


Our front door is also green and I plan on painting it a pretty blue. The inside of the door is white and I’ll paint it too for a pop of color.

4. Paint foyer and hallway.

IMG_0213 The foyer is one of the few “rooms” left that has not been painted. It is in desperate need of a fresh coat. Too much beige.

5. Finish guest bathroom

IMG_2251You got an update when I showed you how to build our new vanity here, and so now you know the guest bathroom is still not done. The longest renovation to date I believe. It needs patching on a wall, art, and towel racks. Soon!

6. Blinds for master

IMG_0219The bamboo blinds in our guest and front living rooms look awesome and they are going to make an appearance in our master as well. They are the last set of mini blinds and I’ve had enough!

7. Get organized- office, laundry room, and garage. PURGE! Sell everything we don’t need or love.
What we are most excited about now is this one. We started this at my mom’s house by going through old things and deciding what to keep, trash, donate, or sell. It went like gangbusters at her house and we can’t wait to do it in our own home.

There are a few hopefuls that I was not optimistic enough to add to the real list. Things like rearranging the sofas, buy new rugs, new front porch light, new entry light, and new living room ceiling fan/light. These items are more expensive and so we will just have to see what happens. But I am always looking for sales and second-hand finds to make work for our home.

Completing a list is not what is important. It’s about creating a beautiful home. A home that inspires me and is patiently lovely. I love to pour my heart and soul into it so people feel that heart and soul. I’m not willing to compromise quality for price or a check mark.
I think 2015 is going to be a turning point.


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