Switching Instead of Buying

This is a story of one of those times where my husband and I looked at each other and said, why didn’t we do this year ago?
After reading The Nesting Place (see my recent post and rave about it here), I was inspired to change our home without spending a lot of money.
It’s always been our plan to replace our carpet this spring with new dark laminate floors. Since our original couches are a chocolate brown,


I had been thinking about replacing them with these gorgeous new ones from IKEA, called Stocksund:

STOCKSUND Sofa IKEAI’m still in love with these couches, especially after being able to see it in person last weekend, but shelling out another $1200+ for a set was just not sounding like a good idea.
Particularly when we have the white Ektorp sofas in the front living room that we love and are easy to clean (see how I do this here).


So, I came up with the idea of switching them to use in our main living room and the brown ones into the less used front living room. I dreamt and thought about it our entire vacation in California, itching to know if the dimensions would work out.
Hours after we returned from our vacation, I got the measuring tape and breathed a sigh of relief because it seemed as though they would fit although the white ones are larger.
Instead of mulling it over and thinking about it for a long time and being uncertain about it, we decided to go for it. There’s no harm in rearranging furniture and it certainly doesn’t take very much time. Just a little muscle. :-)
They fit even better than I thought they would!

IMG_2782 IMG_2766
It makes such a difference in the room to have the white sofas. It really brightens up the space and makes it feel more clean and modern.

IMG_2771 We switched the end tables too since the ones previously in there were antique white. These end tables are even better for the space now since they have drawers for us to put coasters and remotes in. Helped us to purge or hide even more stuff!
With the changes, more of the room is occupied because of the chaise and the larger sofas. It has always felt awkward to me since the room is wide, now it feels much more cozy.

IMG_2765 IMG_2767 IMG_2780The TV got moved over too. It wasn’t an earth shattering move from being catty-corner to in the middle of the wall, but it makes a huge difference. Even little things like moving the dresser over allowed us to straighten out all the cords and get rid of pieces back there that we don’t even use anymore. The corner feels less tight and that wall now feels balanced with the TV and dresser in the middle of it.

IMG_2785We are in love with the new layout. I am so glad we decided to switch our couches instead of buying new ones. It doesn’t make sense for us to have two new sets when we really only use one!

I’m planning on sharing more details about the new decor in this room so check back in!

What do you think of our switch? Is there anything in your house you can switch to put to better use?

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2 thoughts on “Switching Instead of Buying

  1. Love this Idea! I tend to switch things around too, funny how it’s all the same stuff but looks new again when it’s used in a new space. Although, boy do I love that sofa at IKEA!

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