Being Bold: Putting Nails in Walls

Hey there! Hope you had a good weekend! We shopped for smalls for the booth and got some great things. Also, I finally got our Etsy store up and running with some of our best vintage pieces. Check it out here: Etsy Store

etsy collage

Anywho. The Nester’s book The Nesting Place (see my discussion about it here) encouraged me to not be afraid to put nails in the wall. I had gotten away from using nails and instead had been using expensive command strips. Now, love command strips especially because it make sure that frames don’t move and get crooked, which can obviously be annoying. But, it makes it so expensive to hang things and would deter me from hanging things on the wall.

IMG_2767The white sofas we switched (see here) are lower than the brown ones and so there was a greater space between them and the vintage door on the main wall. It had already been bugging me that it felt really high, and so we took the plunge and lowered it.


I also added a picture hanger to the back of our chalkboard runner, see how I made it here, and hung it on the wall too. When I want to use it for a runner again I’ll just pop the picture hanger out.

IMG_2769One the other side of the living room, centering the dresser really helped out that wall. When the dresser was catty corner, I always struggled with what to do about those walls. They felt connected since the dresser connected them. Now the dresser looks perfect on the one wall and so I was able to hang art above it.


The metal H was on clearance at Crate & Barrel in California, and I shopped the house for the book page wreath and framed magazine cover.

IMG_2751 One of my items on my Christmas wish list was for pretty throw blankets. I got very specific, wanting a blanket that was a neutral color and long so that it could be used for naps on the couch. ;-) Love this new one!

IMG_2779 I also got a few new pillows from Ikea. I am loving the simplicity of classic black-and-white now. And I just wanted a pink pillow for a touch of fun. That’s part of my new outlook for my home: just because I like it.

IMG_2781 On our coffee table are several new things. I got this incredible tray on sale at an antique store in California.


Can you believe it only cost $40? There is glass on top so it is extremely useful. I love the aged tin, the hardware, and the paint job. This thing is so big that I had to carry on the plane!


This cloche is new and was an IKEA find for only $12! Inside I placed a new oyster shell ball in a vintage silver dish along with a piece of coral. I love mixing shiny things like silver with natural things with texture such as the oysters with the aged tin. There is just so much dimension and contrast going on.

So much new decor in our main living room. I am in LOVE with it. Love. Seriously.

What a silly fear I had to be afraid to put nails in the wall. Not only is it something that can be fixed so easily, but I learned something about myself.
I didn’t want the nail hole- because it was proof of messing up. Or that’s how I saw it. Instead of proof of trying something, I instead saw it as failure that I put up the wrong piece or in the wrong place. Crazy that a little hole can say all that, right?
Instead, a nail hole, when not covered, shows effort. Boldness. It shows that you are willing to take a risk in your home! What better to do than fill your walls (and home) with things that make you happy?
What do you think of all our new goodies? Are you afraid to put nails in walls like I was?


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