New Chalk Paint Color: Barn Red

I used to be a red person. When we were first married we registered for a red mixer and red rugs. Then I decided I didn’t like red. Really, I decided that the traditional red and brown look was just not us.

So I stayed away from red. But whenever I paint a piece of furniture red, in the right red, I remember how beautiful it really is.

Like this end table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s Emperor’s Silk:


The hubs had suggested a red for my chalk paint line for a few times, since we are in Razorback country. If I find the right red… I would say.

Well a few weeks ago Liz Marie posted a lovely table she painted red, and I knew I could add a similar color to my line.

Red christmas table - Bring in pops of red to your home for the Holidays by painting a piece of furniture. Antique red by Behr- the perfect rustic red.

Here it is, Barn Red:

barn red

This dresser started out in good shape. It is a lovely maple and the top was in good shape. So, I decided to leave well enough alone and just paint the base. I love the two-toned look, and to be honest the exposed wood tops wear better over time.

IMG_2674I posted lately (here) about how I bought several pieces I was not going to paint because they are in good condition already and beautiful as is. Even though this dresser was in great shape originally, it just wasn’t anything special. It’s not very old or interesting. I knew a coat of paint would bring out the beauty.

I painted two coats of Barn Red and instead of distressing I decided to wax. I wanted more depth and dimension to the red. I used the Brown Wax by Pure Earth Paint this time. I’ve been trying different products, and have mixed feelings about this wax.

What I liked about it: it went on easy and used very little for my results. What I didn’t like is that I felt like it had little work-ability. I am used to being able to “control” waxes- where they go, how they look, etc. I felt like this one dried really fast and I couldn’t “move” it. However, per my vendor’s (my friend Jessica) instructions, I did not apply a wax underneath like I usually do and so this is probably why. A clear wax underneath gives a smoother, less porous surface for the dark wax. These are just my musings. But overall I liked the product and it turned out good!

Anyways, back to the makeover. After I finished the dark wax, I was done! I put the hardware back on and ta da!


I love how it turned out! The wax was perfect- gave the piece age and depth.

IMG_2684 IMG_2676 IMG_2675

This piece is solid and heavy and will be a perfect addition to a home. With so much storage it could function as a buffet or media console in addition to its main function as a dresser!

barn red

What do you think of the dresser? Do you  like the new color, Barn Red?

This dresser is for sale at BrickCity Emporium for $325


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