Top 10 Tips to Have Great Garage Sale and Make Money

In purge mode? We are. Want some extra cash? We do. Like Dave Ramsey says, sell everything until your kids (or dogs in our case) think they are next! While getting some extra cash to pay down our debt is our main reason, we are also on a journey to minimize and simplify in our home. Anything we don’t use and love in our home is going.

That chair in our office that is too short and never gets used? Gone. Shirts that don’t fit well? Going. Clear glass vases I never use because I prefer vintage vases? Up for sale.

You get the idea.

So this weekend we are having a garage sale. Not a huge one really. We (meaning the hubs) have been working on selling the big stuff on Facebook (like the aforementioned chair). But we still have a lot left and so we are having a sale.

Here is how to have a great garage sale. We have had a lot of garage sales in our day and go to even more.
So here are our top tips from us to make your sale the best it can be and make you the most money!


1. If selling furniture set it up in an appealing way. For example arrange couches together with a rug and table nearby. Have it in an open area so buyers feel welcome to come sit and try it out. Make sure it is as clean as possible.

2. Make clothes easily accessible. Sure, putting them all in a box or bag will be easy, but you will end up with most of them at the end of the sale. And a few dollars for each piece of clothing adds up, so make it count. Make it easy for your buyer and either hang them or put them on a table neatly folded. You can hang them from your garage railing, a ladder, or even with bungee cords. This makes it easy for people to see what you have and browse.

3. Be ready to sell your big stuff. Have a sofa set, table, or nice TV to sell? Focus on it. Talk to people about it even if they are not looking at it. Show them it and tell them how great it is. Sell it.

4. Offer bundle discounts. Remember, part of the goal is to get rid of your stuff! The more items people buy the more money the spend and the more stuff is gone. So reward buyers for buying more and give them a bundle discount. For example: $3 for each DVD and 4 for $10. If they only have 3, tell them they can get another for just $1! It works.

5. For a large or pricey piece, entertain reasonable offers, even early in the day. Someone may offer you less than your marked price, but you might not have another buyer. If you don’t accept, be willing to have it at the end of the day. Think about if you want to get rid of it or get money, and haggle with them.

6. Price large items and don’t waste your time pricing small items. This helps out you and your buyers. People will probably approach you with an armful of small items so be ready to give prices when people ask. Remember to bundle!

7. Have help. If you are planning on having a garage sale alone, find someone to help you out. The other person can help organize as people buy and keep things looking nice. Folding clothes and putting things back with like items make sure buyers keep approaching those items. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a messy table where you can’t distinguish what’s what. Hire a teenager if you need to- paying them $10 an hour will be worth the extra you will make from having everything organized because buyers will spend more.

8. Advertise well. Have large signs with large text. Marked with “sale” and an arrow. You don’t need to put the whole address as long as you lead people right to your house. Drive around and put signs coming from multiple directions. Advertise on Craigslist and Facebook multiple days in advance with pictures of your best stuff. Make descriptions of your items specific so people looking for particular things know if your sale is one they should stop at. Christmas decor, glassware, vintage silver, coffee table, kids clothes, hunting gear, and picture frames is much better than Lots of miscellaneous stuff. I’m not even joking. I never go to those.

9. Don’t hold stuff for people without cash payment in full. You will probably have someone come and look at your fantastic sofa and ask you to hold it for them while they get money, a truck, or their spouse. Don’t do it unless they give you the full amount in cash. Many people will not come back unless they pay in full. And you don’t want to risk missing a true buyer while the other joker is gone.

10. Have a stopping time. You want to make this worth your time. You have probably already spent a few hours prepping the items by cleaning, pricing, and advertising. You don’t want to wake up at 6 am and run your sale until you are about to collapse at 1 pm. Set a start and end time and advertise it, such as 8 am – 11 am. This is the time when most garage sale-rs are out and makes it not a super long day. Remember you have to clean up after and bag things up to donate, store, or trash. But hopefully there won’t be much left and you just need to go to the bank!

Whew! That was a lot of information. But having a great garage sale where you sell a lot of stuff for good prices takes some smarts! Being prepared is key to make your hard work worth it.

Are you in purge mode too? Thinking about having a garage sale? Wanting to get rid of clutter?


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  1. We are debunking, too, but taking to Goodwill.  Don’t have the motivation for garage sale…

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