Do This: Family Yearbook

Remember high school yearbooks?

I bet if you look back at them now you would be filled with nostalgia from memories of all the fun times, the person you were then, how much you’ve changed and the funny fashions. However, it’s unlikely that you would remember Sarah <3 that wrote You are the best! I am so glad we are friends! BFF KIT 20 years later.

Family yearbooks are even better. They capture the big and small events and help keep track of all your favorite people.


Every year we have been married I have made a photo book to keep track of what we did for the year. We don’t have kids- it’s just us and our dogs.


I love looking back at the pictures from the year and remembering all the fun things that we did. We keep the yearbooks in the living room and they can be really fun for people to look through. They give us an opportunity to share stories and remember things we may have forgotten about.


I just finished making our photo book from the past year and a half. We used to do May to May since that’s when we got married, but switched to calendar year.


I can easily upload photos from Instagram and Facebook. If I want, the program can arrange the photos for me on pages based on when the photos were taken. I love utilizing “idea pages” because I get great looking pages with coordinating backgrounds, stickers, and fonts without doing all the work!


I use Shutterfly to make our books. They frequently email coupons for free books of a certain size and free shipping. There are lots of other sites that can help make them too.

Here are a few more pages from this year’s book.




Do y’all make family yearbooks?


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