Weekend Finds: Canton Edition

Hey y’all. Before I go on, I have to say that people in Arkansas don’t say “y’all.” I miss Texas for that- they converted me. :)

Anywho this post is going up later than expected. But definitely better late than never.

Because this past weekend we had quite a haul.

We traveled down to Canton, Texas on somewhat of a whim. Early last week we discussed going down for the late February sale.


Let me back up. If you have not heard, Canton is home to First Monday Trade Days. The weekend before the first Monday of every month Canton hosts a huge sale. And huge does not even begin to describe it. It’s full of vendors selling amazing stuff- a lot of antiques, homemade goods, unique finds, and junk. Sounds right up my alley right?

The bitter (and that is relative really to the cold my brother and bestie experience up north) cold here has meant garage and estate sales are hard to find. And after the holidays, we were aching for some “smalls.”

So when my hubby’s plans for last weekend fell through, he asked if I wanted to go to Canton.


Are you joking? Really?

So after work on Friday we made the drive, stayed the night with his grandparents, and got up early Saturday morning to drive to Canton.

We were not let down by what people told us.

It’s so huge… You can’t do it all in one day… You will definitely find things for your space.

They were not kidding.

Y’all. We are experts at this. We can be in and out of a garage sale in 10 seconds flat if nothing catches our eye. We did this sale up right. No stopping to wander. And we still probably saw less than 1/3 of it.

We were in heaven.


We had three carts full like the one above.

I had specific things in mind I wanted to find in Canton. Type trays, soda crates, industrial letters, rusty baskets, and “shelf” items- meaning basic décor pieces you can put on a shelf, mantel, etc.

But let me stop yammering and just show you the photos.

We definitely found industrial letters…


Along with barn tin arrows and some pretty cool vintage sports items like badminton and paddle ball rackets.

And type trays… We bought 17!


I found these great rusty egg baskets and soda crates…


I love these antique wooden shoe forms and bobbins…


And this metal stag head.


And the only piece of furniture we bought was this Danish mid century end table. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!IMG_1808

We had a blast. I love what we found. Things have been selling quickly.


And when we got back we made over our space to cover up the yellow/chartreuse cinderblock wall. It looks incredible in there!


I didn’t even tell you half of what we bought. So make sure to check out Instagram or our space in person to see all the wonderful goodies! You will not be disappointed.

I can’t wait to go back to Canton later this month! For  2 days!

Have you been to Canton before? I would love to hear what you came home with!


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