How to Make a Suitcase End Table- Part II

A few days ago I showed you how I turned a suitcase into an end table. Check out the post and great after here!

This tutorial gives a similar result with an even easier how-to.

suitcase end table pt 2

Like I mentioned in that post, I tried and failed using that same method with another suitcase. I am not sure why, but the legs were not stable. You can see in the photo below how they would lean.


Not good for a bedside table.

So it just sat in our office (aka the this-is-where-we-put-something-when-we-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-it room). For months. And made me sad.

Then one morning in the car I had a stroke of pure genius. We had a little white stool that came with a desk I was going to paint. The stool needed re-upholstery big time.

So my thought was, what if I can take the top off and attach the base to the suitcase?


It worked. And took me all of about 5 minutes.

I flipped the stool over and found just what I wanted- the top was simply screwed into the base.


So I used my drill (love me some power tools) to remove all the screws and was left with the base. It’s wooden, sturdy, and white = needed nothing done to it.


I tried it out to make sure it would look ok…IMG_2956

And it did. I centered the stool base on the bottom of the suitcase and simply drilled the screws back in through the original holes in the base into the suitcase.


Voila. Simple. Sturdy. Cute.


It looks great on the other side of the guest bed. IMG_3050 IMG_3052

I love the patina of this suitcase and the nubby texture. IMG_3049 IMG_3044

What do you think of my part 2 of how to turn a suitcase into an end table? Isn’t it adorable?

suitcase end table pt 2

Which do you like better? Make sure to Pin to your DIY board so you can make your own!

suitcase end table 1

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Suitcase End Table- Part II

  1. I absolutely love how both of these turned out. Makes me wish I had some vintage suitcases. I found your blog through the Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Feature Friday link party and had fun browsing around your site. Congratulations on another well done makeover.
    Dorene @ seasonal chapters

  2. Hi ,
    Gee you are clever! You gave me a great idea.I love the vintage suitcase stacking look. I have some beautiful cases and had a look for ideas. Love yours, Well done.

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