Coffee Sack Canvases

I love coffee. Like a lot.

My husband loves it even more. He worked as a barista in college for several months when we first started “talking.” It was awesome. I got a lot of free coffee.

I was in nursing school and the long hours of studying led me to start drinking real coffee. Or what I thought was real coffee. The kind you make at home in a coffee pot (not the Peppermint Mocha I ordered at Starbucks).

But my “real” coffee was considered “candy coffee” by my then gentleman caller. To his defense, I did buy Ghiradelli Caramel flavored coffee. And put milk in it. So in my efforts to impress him and his I drink bold roast black coffee ways, I moved on up from candy coffee to um, Breakfast Blend.

Over the years I have been able to handle darker coffee. In fact I only drink it black now. But I still enjoy coffee that has a flavor, and doesn’t taste burnt.

All of that to say that our love for coffee is truly deeper than our love for the hot caffeinated beverage we drink on the way to work each morning. Our love of coffee is because of all the memories of us drinking coffee together when we were just getting to know each other. All the time we spent in coffee shops talking for hours while we claimed we were studying for school.

Here is how I turned coffee bags I bought for $2 each into awesome art.


Remember these canvases?


I have moved them around a bit and changed them up. I used them for this project which made it cheap. Holla.


I started by cutting off the fronts of the bags. Then I laid the bag front side down and the canvas front side down on top of it.


I used my staple gun to staple into the frame, making sure to pull the sack taught. I have found it can be helpful to tack down a few staples on each side, pulling tight, so that it stays even all around as you go.


I trimmed any excess and was done!

I hung them back up and love them! It add so much warmth and texture to the room.


I love the vibrant colors of this one…


Although some of the print is crooked making it look like it was hung crooked. Oh well. Character. :)

IMG_3019 IMG_3022

And this one is so simple…


I love the teal color!

IMG_3031 IMG_3033

So there you go. A simple, sentimental art project. Can you believe I only paid $2 for those coffee sacks?!


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