How to Make a Simple Succulent Wreath

We have been getting snow lately. Here in Arkansas this only happens a handful of times a year. So when it does, the world shuts down.

IMG_2075-0 IMG_2079-0

Even though I enjoy the snow and find  it to be so beautiful, I can’t wait for spring. I am looking forward to warmer weather. To the trees budding. To more green.

So in lieu of all our snow, I’m bringing green to our home.

succulent wreath pm

At a garage sale last month I scored a bunch of faux succulents! I got $70 of faux succulents for $5!

I used a basic grapevine wreath and floral wire to secure the succulents.

IMG_2891 IMG_2887

I stuck the stem of the succulent between the wreath and wrapped the wire around the stem and a part of the wreath. I secured it by tying the wire it in a knot and twisting it around. Then I used wire cutters to cut the excess stem and wire.

I added a burlap bow (I looked up how to make it on Pinterest because I’m not very good at the bows) and excitedly placed it on our front door.


A sign of spring. It may be wishful thinking, but it brightened my day. 

succulent wreath pm

What do you think of my wreath? Pin it to your Home Decor or DIY board!


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