Picking Flooring

My near two-year dreams for this house are coming true!

Ever since we moved into this house I’ve been talking out how I cannot wait to replace the floors! And it’s finally happening.

After a lot of looking, a lot of boxes of samples, and some hemming and hawing, we have finally chosen the winner.

Meet our new flooring.

It’s called Tavern Oak by Style Selections from Lowe’s.

I am in love with this flooring.

My taste has changed over the past two years as I looked at different flooring options. I went from wanting dark brown to a medium/light tone. I’ve been leaning towards the medium/light tone because I love how much brighter it is. And, it doesn’t show dirt as much. :-)

Instead of just going with the tiny square samples that you can get for a quarter of the store, we bought a whole box. This actually was not what we had planned to do but one of the floors I looked at didn’t have a sample in so I had to order a whole box from online. And I’m so thankful that I did. What looks awesome online showed some very pinky-red hues in person (not what I want) in natural lighting. So, that’s what we did with all  the flooring we were looking at. We would buy a whole box and take all the pieces out and look at in the natural light in our dining room. It really is the truth teller. Ps we had no problem returning what we didn’t like.

It helped us to quickly discern what we liked and what we didn’t like.

As soon as we got the winner out of the box we knew it. It looks like two planks in one which my husband likes because it looks older than the wider planks that are used today.

We’ve been reading a lot about installation and everything since we are going to be doing it all ourselves. And yes, we are doing the entire house minus the bathrooms and laundry room. It’ll be a long process but it’s going to look fabulous.

I’ll keep y’all updated as we go. For more updates check my Insta!


2 thoughts on “Picking Flooring

    • Karin, no, not at all. To be frank we hated it before we were done installing. It chipped very easily and the smallest amount of water on a crack made it swell. I was thankful we sold our house not long after. It was pretty to look at when it was clean but obvious when it wasn’t. I wanted it to be great but it just wasn’t. It was cheap and I think it showed.

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