Mid Century End Table in Skyline

I’m loving mid-century pieces lately. Like this end table and this new hutch of ours.

And most recently, this end table.


We picked up this end table at our trip to Canton in January. I loved the wood but the veneer was chipped and discolored in a few places so it needed a coat of paint.


I started by filling the chipped areas and sanding smooth.



I originally wanted it to be white so I started with a few coats of All Things New Interiors Chalk Paint in Picket Fence. I thought I was in the clear and it was looking good. Then the next day it was so discolored. All kinds of brown splotches. Agh. I went for my spray Shellac. I sprayed it all over the piece, let it dry, and did another coat of Picket Fence. Previously the Shellac technique worked to eliminate the bleed-through and splotches (see how here). Not this time.

So I changed tracks and went darker- I used All Things New Interiors Chalk Paint in Skyline. With modern pieces I lean toward a bold, classic color.

Fortunately the dark Skyline turned out great. I tried out my new Mahogany Trewax over it to darken the color. I like how deep the black/charcoal became.

The color-blocked look is great on this piece.



I shone up the original hardware with some Brasso and love the patina.


What do you think of this piece? Do you like midcentury furniture too?

This end table is for sale! $75

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