How To Use Vertical Dresser Mirrors

Do you know the style of mirrors I’m referring to?

The old dressers that have two tall mirrors attached to them?

Master Bedroom

We don’t see or use these very much anymore. In fact, most of these mirrors are not very pretty.

But I’ve learned lately not to disregard these mirrors. To me, the double mirrors break up a dresser too much, and a single larger mirror is preferable.

So what do you do with these tall, narrow mirrors?

I found one at a garage sale several months ago and painted it white. I put it over our entryway console table to bring more height to that area. I love that it fills the space better and brings so much more light in.

IMG_3162 IMG_3156

And those details on the top? Beautiful.

Remember my barn red dresser? It came with two tall mirrors as well. They are beautiful with solid maple frames and in good shape.

So when I switched our console tables around and brought one of the mirrors that was over our nightstands into the dining room, I knew I had to make some changes.

Here was our room before with the mis-matched mirrors:


I love having mirrors over the nightstands because our room tends to be a little dark and they reflect lots of light. This main wall in our room looked small and short with the headboard in front of the window and (relatively) small mirrors.Here are those matching maple mirrors now in our bedroom:


So much better! This pair of mirrors is perfect because they are identical and very tall so they bring a lot of height to the room.


I had considered painting them but have decided to keep them as is for now because I love the warmth of the wood.


These mirrors make such a statement. And I love the curved top- it’s elegant without being too detailed and stuffy.


I will share more about the new curtains soon! Those lamps are new (to us), too.

The next time you see a tall mirror like this at a garage sale, don’t just pass it up! Think of how you can use it in your home to add more height and light.


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