House Exterior Update

I’ve got a blank space baby. And I’ll write my name.

Over the past week we have been working on the outside of our house. The weather has been absolutely incredible and we just couldn’t help wanting to be outside.

We haven’t really touched the floors in the past week and plan to work steadily on them again. But, it’s hard to be inside doing that when the weather is so lovely.

I’m really happy with the progress that we have made over the last week.


It was pretty spontaneous and started with me weeding our rosebushes.



It was not surprising this project that snowballed quickly. Before we knew it, we were sawing down shrubs…





taking off the storm door…





and removing all the hedges from the front of our house…


All of these are things I have been wanting to do. The exterior of our house is very di-chromatic: green and orange/brown. Plus, the hedges were Holly which was very prickly, the large bush in front blocked the door, the storm door smushed my wreaths… and overall it was just not my favorite look.

I couldn’t wait to remove the Holly bushes not only so they would not be a hazard anymore, but also because I feel like they don’t do justice to our house. The windows are very big and I feel like they covered up a lot of them.

All of those bushes made our house seem very short. Sure, we have a ranch style, but our house felt even longer and shorter with all these bushes. The more we removed the larger our house felt.

IMG_2347 IMG_2349

We ran with that and removed all of the shutters. I removed all the monkey grass and the half-dead Azalea bushes.


The biggest reason we started taking things out was because I didn’t like what was there. I didn’t like the prickliness of the Holly bushes, I didn’t like the overgrown shrubs that blocked the doorway, I didn’t like all the green and brown.

And you know my motto. Why keep something that you don’t like? It’s not something that we have to have. So, it all went.


It’s amazing how a blank slate can transform a space! The new naked house exterior not only looks bigger, but is allowing me to fully realize the vision I have for it. We are finalizing our plans for the exterior makeover- I’ll give you the deets soon!

Have you been working in the yard lately? Removing bushes? Putting in bushes? I would love to hear about it!


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