How to Make & Dye Curtains From A Sheet

grren curtains pmRecently I got the idea to spruce up our bedroom.

Remember when I talked about The Nesting Place? One of my big takeaways was the importance of making my home a place I love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just need it to reflect you.

More than anything, your bedroom needs to be a place for you. A place you love and a place to retreat to.

Well, our bedroom was not quite there. It’s been making progress over the last year and a half with changing the dressers, making a headboard, and switching the mirrors most recently.

My next focus became the main wall. Our bed and headboard is in front of a window because it’s the only place for our bed that makes sense. But, this makes the window feel smaller and the ceiling (which is already only 8 feet) feel lower.


I thought curtains would help. Curtains, when hung properly (high and wide) make windows look bigger and ceilings taller (like here).


Then I decided I wanted deep Kelly green curtains to really make a statement. Did you know those are virtually impossible to find?

I finally decided to make my own. Or rather, make and dye my own.

I started basic- with a single white, cotton, twin size flat sheet from Target (one was $11).


I washed and dried the sheet and then got ready to dye. I used Rit dye and it worked great! They have a fantastic website, Rit Studio, with a guide of how to create hundreds of colors.

The first time around the color turned out too light. I had looked at the chart on my phone in Michael’s when buying dye. Bad move. Later when I looked on my laptop I could tell that color (Gumby Green) was too light and chose a darker one- Deep Emerald. So learn from my mistake and look on your computer where it is brighter and larger!

Here is my first attempt- very Gumby Green indeed.

Too light and too teal. I was aiming for a deep Kelly green and so I ended up with this one, Deep Emerald, which was perfect.

Ok. Here is how I did it!

What you need:

Fabric, food scale, dye (I used parts of 3 bottles for my successful run), measuring cups, 1 cup of salt, washing machine, bleach, scissors, hemming tape (I used Heat N Bond Ultra) or a sewing machine, iron

Step 1. Weigh your fabric. I used my food scale. It weighed 21 ounces for a single flat twin sheet.


Step 2. Use the Rit color chart to figure out how much dye you need. The recipe given is for 1 ounce so I multiplied everything by 21.

Step 3. Get ready to dye! I used our front loading washing machine and it was super easy! I got the sheet all wet in hot water and then put it in the washer. Set the cycle to one longer than 30 minutes on hot and start it.

Step 4. Mix your dye! I poured my dye into a measuring cup and then into the detergent dispenser. Follow this with 4 cups of HOT water. This helps keep your machine lines clean.


Step 5. Ten minutes later pour 1 cup of salt that has dissolved in hot water into the dispenser. Note: This process is for cotton dying. If you do another fabric make sure to check the directions because you don’t use salt. Follow this with 4 cups of HOT water. Take a deep breath and let the machine work!


Step 6. After the cycle was done, I tossed the sheet into the dryer! It dries lighter than when it’s wet (the photo below was of my first attempt with the Gumby Green). Run a cup of bleach through your washing machine to clean it.


Step 7. Make your curtains! When the sheet is dry lay it out and cut it in half lengthwise. Now you have two panels! They are pretty narrow which is fine for my window because they are for looks, not function. If you wanted wider ones you could use a larger sheet like queen size.

Step 8. Use Heat n’ Bond Ultra (or a sewing machine) to hem the raw edges.


Step 9. Now your curtains are done! I used brass colored curtain rings from Target to hang them up on this new rod from Tuesday Morning!


Adorable right?! I love the gold accents with the green, it especially ties in with our new lamps.


I hung the rod just a few inches below our crown molding and as wide as the rod would go- about 10 inches on either side of the window. This is perfect because the curtains then frame the window instead of covering it.


See how huge the window looks now? It has become a focal point instead of an oddity. The bright and classy curtains really make a statement and pop since so much of the room is muted and neutral.

IMG_3129 IMG_3119

I love the curtains if you can’t tell. They accomplished my goals: make a statement, make the window look bigger, and make the ceiling look higher. This wall looks so fabulous now. The weird, asymmetrical walls of the room now don’t seem so significant since the main wall is lookin’ fine.

I am so pleased with how the color turned out. I can’t wait to figure out what to dye next!

Have you ever dyed anything? I would love to hear about it!


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