Gold Bar Cart

This is another makeover compliments of the magic of spray paint.


I found this bar cart at an estate sale recently for a great price. I wasn’t a fan of the old black paint though.

I knew new gold spray paint would wake this beauty up!

I cleaned if off well and then used a spray primer. I did this because I thought it would help the transition from black to gold, and I had it on hand. Plus the spray paint I used was not a paint-and-primer-in-one. I used Rustoleum 18K Gold Plate metallic spray paint from Hobby Lobby ($6 full price, but I used a coupon).

I had to be really attentive and make sure I got it from every angle.

Always remember the key to spray painting: light coats and keep moving. This prevents drips.


When it was done I was so pleased! I looks so glamorous now- exactly what you want in a bar cart.

IMG_3212 IMG_3220

This could be used as a traditional cart for making alcoholic drinks, to serve tea and coffee, or even dessert!

IMG_3221 IMG_3218 IMG_3215

I was sad to sell this pretty but we don’t have a place for it. And I don’t need to feed my addiction any more.

So it went to my retail space (for sale for $99) and I can’t wait for it to find a new home!

What do you think of my bar cart? What would you use it for?


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