House Exterior Update Plans

Since we bought our house, I have never really been a fan of the exterior. I’m very thankful that we have all brick with large windows. It definitely is quality to work with. But, I don’t like all the orange and green. This was how it started after we had just removed 2 bushes:


Recently I shared how we had basically gutted the exterior of our ranch-style home. We removed all of the hedging, bushes (except one), and shutters.

This is the blank canvas we are left with:

Next up was thinking about how we are going to transform the exterior. Let’s not be naive though, I had already started thinking about it before we even started.

I happened upon a tutorial on Pinterest about lime washing. It’s a process similar to white washing that allows your brick to be totally transformed in color and still to maintain the variation/texture of the brick. Basically, it’s like painting and distressing. Right up my alley.

Lime washing is an antique technique that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s great because it allows the brick to breathe instead of trapping the moisture.

Here is what sold me, this before and after: Um INCREDIBLE right?! Their house looks so pretty now. Plus, lime washing is fairly inexpensive as compared to painting. Here are few more inspiration photos: After we do the lime washing (which we told ourselves we can’t do until after we finish the floors) will be painting the siding and trim. I’m waiting to choose colors until the lime washing is done. Our roof is an orange/brown color though so I am thinking of a warm grey- lighter for siding, darker for trim. The front door will get painted too, probably a light aqua. I want to add raw wood shutters and framing out the front post with raw wood as well, like the first house and like this:

We will finish it all off with new flowers and shrubs. I want boxwoods and hydrangeas up front!

I’m hoping our ranch style home will be transformed from very 70s style with lots of orange to a more French country, southern looking home. I love that this will completely freshen our house without it looking brand-new.

We are (let’s be honest, I am) itching to get started! The weather has been beautiful lately and we just want to be outside. We are having a new sidewalk poured this weekend if the rain stays away and then we can start! Once those floors are done of course. :)


3 thoughts on “House Exterior Update Plans

  1. Hi! I saw two links from your site here. I like to check out where visitors to my Etsy shop come from. I saw your most recent post and wanted to share–we are in the middle of an outdoor redo also! We live in a 1969 tri-level. Imagine trying to pretty that up! I do love the interior of our home and the outside needed some serious updating and beautifying. I love your idea of the wash. I love a white washed brick! Our home was already painted (an odd peachy tan) so we had to totally repaint. I am in love with our new color, which actually had to match the siding choice we went with. Anyway…if you would like to see the transformation of another light colored, older home please check out my instagram @maxandbarlow. I will be checking in to see how yours comes along too! And I was worried as our roof looked brown orange but it blends beautifully now!

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