The Best Things We Did, Ate, and Saw in Philadelphia

Like I mentioned in my last post (read HERE), we spent four and a half days in Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” at the beginning of May.


I was there for the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners in downtown Philadelphia (we stayed at the Marriott on Market) and we were able to do a bit of sight-seeing and a whole lot of eating during our time there.

When we went to Chicago last year for this same conference, I did a lot of research picking out restaurants beforehand. I read reviews and blogs and looked at maps. I had a list I wanted to stick to. And honestly, we struck out at a few places. I was so focused on going to those specific places that we missed out.

This year, I didn’t sweat it as much. I learned that we do better by choosing restaurants based on what we pass during the day (and UrbanSpoon). I did look on Pinterest a bit and read about our favorite stop….

Reading Terminal Market 

I read that a vendor sold fried mac and cheese here. While I didn’t ever find it, we did eat so much good food here.

Reading Terminal Market is a large market full of all kinds of local vendors- mostly food, but also a produce area and some miscellaneous things. There is pretty much every kind of food you can imagine. I am not an adventurous eater, but Steven is and enjoyed it!

The best places I ate at here were…

Miller’s Twist and Old City Coffee

I LOVE pretzels and one for breakfast filled with cheese, egg, and bacon was right up my alley. And delicious.

Some mornings I just could not help myself and got a breakfast pretzel and a donut (or two) from Beiler’s Donuts.I had a delicious maple iced donut with bacon crumbles. I was on vacation, remember. :)

Hunger Burger at Reading Terminal Market was quite delicious as well- amazing mac and cheese (not fried) and burgers.

Another great breakfast place was Federal Donuts. They had very unique donuts- I had a strawberry lavender one- it was so light and refreshing it made me feel almost not guilty about eating a donut.   Ok, so we have determined that we thoroughly enjoyed breakfast in Philly. Lunch and dinner were fantastic too!

We passed by the Independence Beer Garden as we walked back to our hotel from seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (you can see it in the background) and came back for dinner. It is a really cool outside beer garden with farmhouse tables, games, and great atmosphere. The food was pretty good too but the we really just enjoyed the location.

People LOVE them some Benjamin Franklin in Philly. And so, we ate at the aptly named Silence Dogood’s Tavern. It’s newly opened with a great menu.   Silence Dogood is the pen name Ben Franklin used to write into his brother’s newspaper. At the tavern they home make delicious croutons and I had an appetizer that was like mini chicken Parmesan and garlic knots. Yum.   Speaking of Ben Franklin, we went to the cemetery where he is buried. He wrote his own epitaph and it is beautiful- he was an incredible writer. The headstones and grounds were so pretty. We were there for the trees blooming! I don’t have a photo because you couldn’t take any, but we also went to the US Mint. We learned all about how they make coins. Along the self-guided tour you walk a few floors above the factory and watch coins being made. It was really interesting.

The Liberty Bell was very cool. I loved reading about the history of it, how the crack developed, etc. What I loved most was the bell with “liberty” in many different languages. This is to show that the Liberty Bell stands for peace and freedom for all peoples, not just Americans.

Across the street from the Liberty Bell is Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed.

It was very neat to stand where our country’s founding fathers changed history. And the building was beautiful.

On the way back from dinner one night we walked through City Hall and happened to see this going on… 
  A showing of the Hobbit outside City Hall! The weather was perfect and it was so cool to watch it with the historic buildings in the background.   So there you go. If you can’t tell, we had a fantastic time in Philadelphia. To be honest, we enjoyed it a lot more than we anticipated! I forget how much US history happened there.

If you ever get a chance to visit Philadelphia, take it! It is a great, beautiful city with lots to do! Have you ever been to Philadelphia? Would you add anything to this list?

philly bridge pm


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