Mid-Century Stool Makeover 

It’s been another few weeks since I have blogged. We are making progress on our floors, but as a result our home is very un-done. The lack of baseboards, damaged trim, and lots of dust have made it a place I didn’t want to photograph. Finally I realized 1- it will be a while until it will be all put back together and 2- I can share the un-done with y’all. You won’t make fun. So, I am hoping to be around more sharing recent projects!

Part of the joy of doing what I do is that I can easily swap out pieces in our home for ones I find.

I have done this with our hutch, dresser, console table, and a few end tables. I love getting to upgrade and have a new look, especially as I refine my style!

When I happened upon these old mid-century stools at an estate sale in Waco, I jumped at them.


The black vinyl covers were in sorry condition and the metal legs were very tarnished.

I’ve never reupholstered ANYTHING so I was excited to find something I felt would be a good starting point.

I envisioned the stool bases spray-painted gold with a white and blue geometric cover.

I headed to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect fabric- this painted Duck for only $9.99 a yard, plus 40% off! 1 yard was enough for both stools.


I was ready to start!

The cushions were secured with a few screws…


I removed the cushion and took the base outside to spray paint after quickly wiping it down.

I used Valspar Metallic spray paint in Brilliant Gold from Lowes {here} after I read this post from A Beautiful Mess about the best gold spray paint.

And it is an awesome spray paint. It has a richer tone and it’s not as shiny, but it covers so well. I did two light coats and ran inside before it started raining. Remember the key to spray paint is long even strokes and keep your hand moving the entire time.

Then I was ready to start recovering the cushions.

I cut off the old vinyl covers and found the padding to be in good condition.


I cut my pieces of fabric and laid them face down with the cushion upside down on it. I started by stapling the fabric to the plywood at the compass points with my staple gun. This is the best starting point because it helps to get the pattern centered and make sure it’s not pulled unevenly in one direction. It also helps you to keep it nice and taught.



From there I then put staples in between each compass point, and then finished off by pulling, folding over, and stapling to finish off each section.


Doing it methodically like this helps the folds to be relatively symmetrical and even.

I screwed the cushions back onto the bases and….

All done!!




I’m so happy with how they turned out – they are just how I imagined.

Of course then I really wanted to keep them. They’re actually very comfortable and I love that they make for very flexible seating which we could really use since we host a weekly home group at our house.


But my rule has become that if I keep something I intended to sell I have to sell something of ours of equal-ish value. I decided to sell the vintage floral channel back chair {see it here} since it doesn’t quite go with the style of our home and we don’t use it much.


I had intended to recover it when I bought it 2 years ago but that is a much too ambitious effort for a reupholstering rookie. I know that someone else will enjoy the current fabric or will have the guts to recover it.

Anywho, back to the stools. Total cost for this project was $42. The stools were $15 each, the can of spray paint was $6, and the fabric was $6 as well. Adding up to $21 each, that’s a great price for these pretties.

mid century stool

What do you think of these stools? Do you love the combination as much as I do? Have you been reupholstering or recovering anything lately? Any tips to share?

Link up to Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday


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