Rustic Basket Lighting Hack

I am so excited to share this lighting hack.

rustic basket image

I was never a fan of the light we had in our entryway when we bought our house. It was very dated and not our style. Plus, it was a little low to where my husband or any of our tall friends could hit their heads.


I started by just popping out the Plexiglass on the sides and that at least helped it look a little bit better.


Then I saw a couple different lighting hacks on Pinterest, specifically one where a blogger used an orb that she picked up at TJ Maxx to put over her current chandelier. {Sorry! I can’t find the link now!} Super easy transformation.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and I decided to look for something similar that I could use to transform our chandelier.

I picked up a rustic looking farm egg basket. The thing that was perfect about it is that there is a hole in the bottom.

I took it home and was hopeful it would work perfectly. This is where my experiments in electrical work take over and I don’t have photos to give you because I adapted as I went. See the photo below with colored arrows to help with my explanation.

I started by taking the light fixture apart.

I needed the basket to hang just below the chain (green arrow) and before the downrod (red arrow). But, the outer downrod’s diameter was too small and would fit through the hole in the basket. There is a smaller downrod inside the outer one that takes the wires down to the bulbs that has a piece (like a nut) at the top that secures it to the chain and wires.

I solved this problem by purchasing a washer with an overall diameter wider than the basket hole (yellow arrow) and a center hole smaller than the outer downrod but larger than the inner downrod. This allowed 1) the basket to be supported in the proper place, 2)  the outer downrod to be in place, and 3) the inner downrod to fit through the washer and basket hold screw into the nut to support it all.

chandelier hack arrows

After that all I had to do was rewire everything (from the bottom- blue arrow) and put in my new lightbulbs. These look so much more modern than the typical tapered chandelier lightbulbs we had before.


I was able to raise it quite a bit as well by the chain so my husband doesn’t hit his head anymore.
IMG_3237All in all, this was a really easy lighting hack. It was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants, adapting as I go. There were some frustrating times and rewiring a chandelier is always a bit difficult because you’re working overhead, but it was definitely worth it.

I love the new rustic look and think it is perfect for our house.

The best part is, the entire hack cost less than $25! The basket was only $12.50 at Hobby Lobby on sale, the washer was $2, and the new lightbulbs were $6. That’s pretty amazing considering the before and after.

rustic basket image

Have you ever done a lighting hack before? Putting any new lighting in your house? Pin this to your “Lighting” board!


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