The Sofa Dilemma 

This year we are in the mindset of getting rid of what we don’t love, don’t use, or isn’t functional.

Well a big one on my list for this category was our brown sofa and loveseat set that we have had since before we got married.


This set has done as well. It was very inexpensive new, very comfortable, and was fine for the time being.

However, it had a lot of things that we don’t love anymore.

The biggest thing is that it is a dark brown which I am not a fan of now. I am leaning towards a lighter pieces that are more classic like our white Ektorp sofas.

The other major issue with the brown set is that it was micro suede. It was supposed to be this amazing fabric that was so easy to clean and so durable. I don’t know who made this up but it is certainly not true. If you have dogs, micro suede is definitely not a good choice. It is so difficult to get dog hair off of and any drool spots can become permanent stains.


At the beginning of the year we moved our Ektorp set to our main living room and the brown to the less-used front living room. But, the white Ektorp set was intended for the front living room because of the sofa sleeper, and we would really prefer to keep something with a chaise in our main living room.

During the flooring process our brown sofas became ruined and so it was a great opportunity to get rid of them.

So, I was on the lookout for new sofas.

We have been very happy with the quality of our Ektorp sofas from IKEA for over a year. IKEA also has other great sofa options and so while we were in the Dallas area recently, we checked them out. We wanted a loveseat/chaise combo and a sofa.

Here are the three choices we considered and the pros and cons of each.

sofa dilemma


KARLSTAD Loveseat and chaise IKEA A range of coordinated covers makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look.

PROS: This is the one I initially went in wanting. I have been eyeing this one for over a year! I like the modern lines of it and the tight, tailored look of the covers. I love the light gray (Isunda Grey) cover. You can add a chaise, and can convert all the pieces to a sectional. Young House Love has this sofa in a darker version and they love it and it looks great.

CONS: The legs are not very pretty but many people replace them with something more classically modern. We love love love the ability to wash our slipcovers on our Ektorp and would love to continue to do so with our two hairy dogs and family plans. The seat and back cushions can be removed and washed easily (website says dry clean only but I read people who machine washed without problem). But you literally have to disassemble the sofa to wash the base cover. That does not sound exciting, but that’s the price you pay for the tailored look and exposed legs. The last con about it is that the backseat is very low. But, this is more of a true mid century style. It does make up for this with really deep seats which I think are more important.

The combo we are looking at is priced at $1328.



PROS: This is a brand-new sofa line to IKEA that was introduced late last year. When I saw early release photos of it over a year ago I was so excited. I loved the turned legs and rolled arms.  It is a much more traditional, Parisian looking piece than IKEA typically makes. I love the super tailored look and it looks much more expensive than it is. It’s seatbacks are a little bit taller and it still has deep seats which is very nice. It was also very comfortable.

CONS: The major cons to this one are long-term functionality. They do not offer a chaise and there is no ability to transform this into a sectional. Like the Karlstad, this one’s cushion covers can be easily washed but the base would have to be disassemble to wash the covers. And I’m not totally in love with any of the color options.

It is priced at $1178 for a sofa and loveseat.


EKTORP Loveseat and chaise IKEA The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed.


I have raved about loving our Ektorp so far, talked about how nice it is to be able to easily watch the covers, and so Steven suggested for this one to be in the running. We have had our set for about a year and a half but moved it to our main living space about 6 months ago.

We know that we love this one already. It is very well priced and offers a lot of the options we are looking for like a chaise and the ability to convert it to a sectional. It is very comfortable and the seatbacks are a little bit higher than that of the Karlstad.


The major cons are that it’s just not something different. The Ektorp is a very classic style so it’s not something that would go out of style or really that would look funny having two sets of in your home. But, I would really love a tailored sofa with pretty, exposed legs. The greatest con about the Ektorp is how visibly it shows dirt. That comes with a white sofa and I love being able to wash it easily, but honestly that gets tiring. I would love to have something that hides dirt better, is easier to spot clean, and have the option to wash it. Also the Ektorp covers/skirts are often wrinkled from washing. Lastly, it doesn’t feel as homey because people are afraid to sit on the white covers and eat, even though we encourage it.

It is priced at $898 for the set we want.

Whew. These are all excellent sofas and I love IKEA for making such great pieces for great prices!

KARLSTAD Loveseat and chaise IKEA A range of coordinated covers makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look.

We made the decision to go with the Karlstad. I love the color, the shape, and the tailored look most of all. We have had it for over a week now and I’ll share pics soon!

Do you have an IKEA sofa? How do you feel about it?


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