New Living Room Furniture

I few months back I shared our sofa dilemma with you (read more here) and how excited I was we had selected the Karlstad series from IKEA as our new sofa set.

We loved the setup the Ektorp gave us so we wanted something similar with a sofa and a loveseat with chaise.

We kicked out the brown sofas and moved the white ones (IKEA Ektorp) back to the front room.


Before we drove to IKEA to buy new, I decided to check out Craigslist to see if any part of our Karlstad was out there for a better price. When we bought the Ektorp we were able to find a piece off CL and saved a lot of money (read here).

I found the Karlstad loveseat/chaise on Craigslist about two hours away and we were able to negotiate it for only $160! It needed new covers and my poor husband had to get it down four flights of stairs. But, this ended up saving us over $400!

There weren’t many other Karlstad listings locally so it was time to take the plunge and buy the rest new.

Steven surprised me and put it together one day while I was at work. :)

I came home to this loveliness…Let me just tell you that we are in love. :)

Here’s what I love so far about our new Karlstad sofas:

  • The roominess. These guys are a little bit bigger and the seats are definitely deeper then the Ektorp. The boxy arms as opposed to the rolled arm give more seating room. At our home group we have had five girls sitting on the love seat/chaise.
  • Fabric. This is a much more woven and textured fabric than the Ektorp. It is super easy to spot clean because of this. Someone spilled a drop of coffee on at home group and it came right out. Dirt spots from my dogs typically brush right off. We do still have the option of washing it but hopefully that will be a rare occurrence. I have washed a few covers twice already with no problems even though it says “dry clean only.”
  • The modern look. It goes beautifully with our new floors, nesting tables, and the coffee table and end table I swapped out. It’s a much more modern and minimalist look without being cold.
  • The color. Let me tell you something obvious. It’s not white. As I mentioned in the dilemma post, friends and family members seemed afraid to really make themselves at home on the white sofas even though we would eat and drink coffee on them all the time. There’s just something a little intimidating and less homey feeling about white sofas. First week we had them one of our friends said the new ones made her feel more comfortable. Isn’t that what your living room should feel like? A place where your family and closest friends can relax and be themselves and not have to worry if they are going to mess up your white sofa!

In short, we love the new set.

The new set ended up costing us about $899 total for all the pieces and covers. Shopping on CL saved us more than 30%!

I definitely recommend these sofas! We heart IKEA and they make quality products at a reasonable price. We have had lots of pieces from IKEA over the years- big and small- and have great things to say about them all.

What do you think of our new sofas? Do you love IKEA like us? Any great CraigsList finds recently?

PS- I mentioned I have washed a few cushion covers already. I did this similarly to how I did with the Ektorp sans bleach. Read about how I wash the Ektorp covers here.


2 thoughts on “New Living Room Furniture

  1. Looks great!  I think this is the first pic I have seen on your floors and they look terrific!

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