Why Reading Less Blogs is Helping to Simplify My Life

It’s obvious I haven’t been here on the blog as much over the last 4 or so months. It has been due to a number of reasons with lack of time being the main one. In the beginning of this change I told myself I would go back to posting a few times a week, feeling guilty that I had let that slide.

But I am finally at the point where I let those thoughts go and decided to enjoy this.

One change that came unintentionally during the last few months is that I ended up reading less blogs. Again, it was more because of a time issue but has been strangely liberating. There are still several bloggers I follow religiously. But instead of looking to compare our homes, I am looking for inspiration.

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do, but here is why reading less blogs is helping to simplify my life…

I’m not ashamed of my own imperfection.

I’m not ashamed of my home.

I feel less guilty of my not perfectly-clean home.

I don’t feel like my home has to look like that now.

I don’t feel like I’m so behind on home improvement projects

I don’t feel like I need that in my home- a fall home tour, seasonal decor changes, or a new whatever.

I can focus on the blogs I love- which is generally centered around projects and homes that inspire me.

I am reading only the ones I love and feel encouraged by, not the ones whose homes I am intimidated by.

Not only does my heart, mind, and spirit feel lighter but I’ve decided to translate the changes into my own life, approach to my home, and blogging.

I’ve stopped (mostly) making lists and started making priorities for our home.

I’m tolerating and not apologizing for my imperfect home. We love to host and do it regularly, and that’s not changing if out home isn’t “done” or perfectly clean.

I’m not waiting until I have the time to clean and get out the tripod to take photos to share of our home. Sure that would be ideal, but it saves me stress and time to just snap a few of the best cell phone pics I can nab.

My goal is to share my adventures in our home, and that means things are often not pretty and definitely not perfect.

Here’s to hoping our imperfect home will inspire you. You don’t have to wait until it’s perfect to enjoy it.

P.S.- As part of this new venture I have been periodically posting with #myimperfecthome on Instagram for on-the-fly photos of our ever-progressing and never-perfect home. Hope you stop by @allthingsnewinteriors


2 thoughts on “Why Reading Less Blogs is Helping to Simplify My Life

  1. Glad to hear you are being set free from perfectionism!  What is more important?  The love, warmth and hospitality or temporal things?  We know the answer but the world is always trying to get us off track…

    Your home is beautiful.  It is you and Steven, it is comfortable, creative and inviting.  I always feel so welcomed when I enter in and that is the more important thing!!  I have an aunt whose house is a museum show case.  But it is cold and lacking.  There are very few family photos and no place to just kick of the shoes and relax.  I am sad for her…

    Love you and am so excited to see you in 11 hours!!!!

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