Our House Sold in One Day: Four Things We Did to Update Our Curb Appeal

curb appeal

Remember last year when I had grand plans for our curb appeal?

When we tore out all the bushes and took off the shutters and said we would paint it all?


Well that didn’t happen. The biggest reason is because we decided to move and put our house up for sale. And it sold in less than 24 hours. 

A quick note about the moving: We are moving to Austin! My hubby got a fantastic job down there and we are really excited for the opportunity to be closer to his family. Austin is so fun and beautiful, we can’t wait to start our life there. We will be renting a home for a few years while we save and figure out where exactly we want to live! I can’t wait to get into a new place, even though it’s not “ours,” and make it our home! 

Ok back to curb appeal. Our plans from last year were too much to DIY and I just wasn’t sure about how it would look anyways. But since we love to put the cart before the horse, it did leave the front of our house looking plain and empty. Which is the opposite of what you want when you try to sell your house.


Womp womp. Sad exterior. So much orange brick, little landscaping, and the black hole of a front porch. 

Here are 4 things we did to update our curb appeal in big ways (and for little money):

–          We made shutters.

Shutters help to break up the brick and draw attention to those big, beautiful windows. Our windows looked like they were being swallowed by the brick!

I chose a color a tad lighter than our trim for the paint and it really makes them pop and helps the house seem so much brighter. It’s like eyeliner for the windows, it makes them look bigger and more substantial. 

My hubs made this shutters by using fence panels- three together was the perfect size! We sanded them profusely before painting. I used Lotus Flower (by Olympic) in satin exterior. I am in love with the impact of the shutters


–          We painted the front door.

Previously our front door (and shutters) were a dark forest green. It was just too dark and you could barely see the door because of it.

I chose Pale Patina (by HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams from Lowe’s) which really brightened up the door and compliments the brick well. I love pulling into our house now and the front door color makes me smile. 

I used Lotus Flower again to paint the trim around the door which also makes it stand out. A little Brasso helped to shine up our beautiful (original) gold hardware. You can also see our new porch light below! I got it at Cabela’s.


–          We planted a lot of stuff.

Since we took out the long row of painful and boring Holly bushes, we needed landscaping along the walkway to the front door. I mean, this is where buyers start to form decisions about your house and you want them to love it. 

I went with:

  • White Knockout roses because they match the shutters and stand out against the brick. 
  • Lamb’s Ear as a neutral filler (they’re growing great BTW)
  • Lollipop Boxwood that will eventually balance out the topiary on the right side of the house
  • Red annuals for a repeated dose of color
  • And a few pre-potted geraniums for a great splash of color by the front door

All of these are fairly drought tolerant which I looked for in case our house was still on the market deep into summer and we had moved out. It wasn’t :) 

The long walkway to our front door is now worthy of what’s at the end! 


–          We mulched.

Well I should say we hired someone to mulch. After everything was planted, we had a guy come and mulch all our beds for us. It was a great deal because we got a ton of high quality mulch for about what we would pay to do it ourselves. It makes things look so finished and neat. 

These four changes took our curb appeal to another level. Now our home looks much brighter, cozy, and more modern!

How about a before, progress (or rather a “middle” since it lasted a year), and after?


It looks amazing now, I’m in love with it. We worked really hard to boost our curb appeal and it paid off! The front of our house looks awesome now and reflects what you see when you walk in. 


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