We Sold Our House in One Day: Master Bathroom Updates

Besides the laundry room, our master bathroom water closet was the only room in our home we hadn’t touched when we decided to move. And when the rest of your house is re-done, you can’t leave something like the master bath untouched and expect people to line up to buy. So, in the process to prepare to sell we decided to do a few inexpensive updates to make it shine!

Here was the before:


And the after: 

Here’s a quick rundown of what we did:

New floors. We replaced the discolored sheet vinyl with peel and stick tiles (these are similar). They update the space for little money! Tip: I would recommend instead laying in an offset brick pattern which helps eliminate corner gaps.

Shiplap wainscoting. We removed the tile from the wall around the toilet and used pressed plywood to create wainscoting. We used white semi gloss for the paint. What an update in character and style! Tip: make sure to rip the pieces carefully with a table saw so they are all the same size. Also you may consider painting and priming the pieces before putting them up to prevent paint in the gaps (we used a penny for the gap) after they are up. Make sure to paint the wall behind it too! 


Paint the shower. I used this tub and tile paint to take our shower from tan (which we affectionately called “poop color”) to white. I actually wouldn’t recommend this product. I had to use 2 cans and while the first was a beautiful white, the second (“white”) can was ivory. Womp. Also it left imperfections even if it had dried for the recommended time. 

Here is the before color:

And a during… see how pretty white it was? But streaky so I needed another coat, which was ivory which you can see in the reveal pics. 

Paint the walls and trim. Bright white trim looks so beautiful! Add Luna (by Valspar) on the walls and this room looked wonderfully new!

This bathroom got an entire update on a small budget! Plus,what a fresh look for buyers! 

master bath pm

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2 thoughts on “We Sold Our House in One Day: Master Bathroom Updates

  1. Thanks for all the practical advice on the products and process. You are so creative, frugle and full of wisdom!

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