We Sold Our House in One Day: Laundry Room Makeover

I recently shared about how our master bathroom water closet and laundry room were the untouched rooms when we decided to sell our home and move. I shared our master bath water closet updates here, and today I’m sharing one I liked even more, our laundry room!

Here’s a big reason I liked it more- I didn’t do the work!

We just ran out of time and wanted to get our house on the market asap before my husband left for Austin. It was a room that our realtor said needed to be updated because as-is could deter buyers (although improving it would not add value). But we wanted our house to sell fast so we were in for an inexpensive update!

So, we paid a few guys to do it all for us- and it was awesome.

Here’s a before of our laundry room…


What you don’t see is that part of the sheet vinyl floor got ripped when we moved the fridge in. And this pic is from about 2 years ago, pre-doggie door life. We later put a doggie door in which was amazing but guaranteed an endless stream of dirt and hair.

So there was no way around giving this room a complete makeover.

The guys did an awesome job of painting the walls Quill by Olympic, my favorite home wall color. The cabinets, doors, and trim were painted out-of-the-can semi-gloss white by Behr. We also had them put in new baseboards to match the rest of the house’s updated ones.


But the best change was the floors. I picked these peel-and-stick vinyl tiles from Home Depot and the guys laid them in an offset brick pattern. It looks amazing. The floor is awesome and looks much more expensive than it really is. Great color variation and texture. I’m definitely filing away this one for later!


After two days of work the room was done and we put a “For Sale” sign in our yard a few days later. Now, it’s a big selling point!

laundry room pm

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